Mail-In Rebates

Mail-in-Rebates are offered by the Manufacturers only and they are all subject to change at any time. For more information please go to the manufacturers website direct to see if there is any rebates available. 

What is a Mail-In-Rebate?

Its is a buyers incentive program offered by manufacturers. They want you to buy there product and usually you have to buy a set of 4 tires to qualify. The rebate program consists of a form you fill out and a copy of your purchase receipt. Once submitted, if you meet all the requirements you will get a cheque or pre-paid credit card in the mail from the manufacturer directly. This money is yours to spend anywhere and is not limited. 

Rebates MUST be claimed through the manufacturers directly, Lube & Tire Techz has absolutely no control over this process and claims no responsibility for any denied claims. 

How to claim!

  1.  Go to the manufacturers website and find out if your brand qualify's for a rebate.
  2.  Ensure your within the allotted time frame to claim as these rebates are usually for short clumps of time only. The information on submission/purchase deadlines will be available on their website. 
  3.  Print  and complete the rebate form supplied on their site.
  4.  Mail the form along with copy of your purchase receipt. Some manufacturers may allow you to submit the rebate online. 
  5.  If you have any questions regarding the process and when to expect your rebate please call the manufacturer direct.